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A River Cruise through Central Europe

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Adventure Travel consultant Yvette Park loves nothing more than exploring at her own pace – so she wasn’t sure she’d enjoy a 15-day Avalon Waterways cruise through central Europe from Budapest to Amsterdam. But as Yvette soon found out, passengers get to spend just as much time on terra firma as they do on board the luxury ship watching the world glide by. The cruise took Yvette went through the dramatic Rhine Gorge past the legendary Lorelei rock, and through quaint towns, stunning scenery and gothic ruins along the Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers. Most afternoons, Yvette and her now-husband disembarked to cycle through Amsterdam’s historic villages, sample some of Germany’s famous beer at charming cafes set on 16th century cobblestones, or join a tour through one of the many world-renowned museums and galleries that central Europe has to offer.

Italy with Intrepid Travel

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Adventure Travel consultant Yvette Park has done six trips with Intrepid Travel, the latest was a journey through northern Italy, from the bustling capital of Rome through to the romantic floating city of Venice. After so many years in the travel industry planning other people’s trips, Yvette says it’s a treat to travel with Intrepid and relax in the knowledge they’ve put the best itinerary together.

Ten of the world's least visited countries

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Fancy going to an obscure country where few travellers have been before you? Our travel consultants have traversed all seven continents and love nothing more than using their expertise to send intrepid adventurers off the tourist trail and into the farthest corners of the earth. Where ever you dream of going in the world, Adventure Travel can get you there. Here are ten of the least visited countries in the world.