TRAVEL TIPS: Yvette's tips for travelling in Patagonia

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The team at Adventure Travel have crossed all 7 continents and have the expert knowledge that is only gained by having been there ourselves, we love planning extraordinary experiences for our clients and sharing the hints and tips we've learnt along the way.

Yvette has recently returned from an incredible trip to South America and shares her travel tips.

1. If you are doing a trek, hire tramping poles and have a reasonable level of fitness. Ice, snow, and an up-hill climb can be a tricky mix!

2. Don’t forget that tipping is expected in Argentina and Chile, expect to pay about $10 for guides, $2 for drivers and 10-20% in restaurants. If you notice a ‘service fee’ on your bill, this is different from a tip.

3. Don’t be shocked to see dogs ……. everywhere. They are adored in most parts of South America and don’t seem to cause a problem.

4. In Argentina and Chile, keep an eye out for black cars with a yellow roof. They are taxis – and far cheaper than the ones back home in New Zealand! Make sure to hail them from the street, rather than your hotel – far more affordable!

5. Enjoy the food – it’s amazing. Some of my favourites are Beef Steak, Empanadas and Dulce De Leche, a wickedly delicious dessert made almost entirely from heated sweetened condensed milk. Yum!

6. If you are heading off the beaten track for a day trip, be sure to charge your phone and camera overnight. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting to the summit or vantage point and realising you can’t take a photo.