Travelling for the love of food

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As well as intrepid jungles, isolated landscapes and luxurious beaches, what better reason is there to travel than to experience new and exotic cuisine? There’s no doubt about it, food and local hospitality sit firmly at the heart of almost every community in the world. And while culinary culture has always been a draw card for adventurers, for many it was an afterthought. Now there are a growing wave of people booking their cooking classes, making restaurant reservations and researching the best local dishes before they look at accommodation, car hire and excursions.

Take The Leap
Adventure Travel in Wellington is all about creating extra-ordinary experiences, and food is no exception. Whether you’re keen to explore the jungles of South America, witness the Northern Lights with polar bears in the Arctic, climb a mountain in Iran or whip up a feast in Vietnam the team can make your travel dream a reality.

Just Taste It
In keeping with the boom of the food blogger, destination cooking classes, and culinary tours, the Adventure Travel team is seeing a growing number of customers booking their travel around their taste buds - driven by a desire to experience a new culture through its local cuisine. While the team can tailor-make an itinerary to almost anywhere in the world, they offer food adventures across Asia, Europe and South America. In Mexico for instance, you can meander through the aromatic markets of Oaxaca, sample produce in the streets of Puebla, and indulge in fresh seafood on the beach. In Southern Tuscany, you can live like a local in the Italian town of Chianciano Terme – staying in a rural farmhouse, enjoying traditional meals made with local produce, and wander the cobbled streets for a taste of true Italy.

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Hit The Streets
Just as top chefs have become the new rock stars, food is the new tourist attraction - and street food is often the best and most affordable way to immerse yourself in a new city and check out its vibe. Wandering past local street vendors can offer a myriad of sights and smells and sounds, so be brave, ask questions and eat where the locals eat! Chances are you will not only enjoy a great meal, but get a glimpse into local life as children play around you on the footpath, and a grandmother makes noodles, a pancake or some other delicacy in front of your eyes. Unlike other aspects of travel, an incredible culinary experience doesn’t need to be expensive – in countries like Vietnam, Malaysia or India you can get some of the best food in the world for just a few dollars.

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Relish Something New
Most of manager Tim Cox’s adventures off the beaten track over the years have been through Asia, North Korea, Iraq and the Middle East. For him, the lure of travel is immersing himself in a different culture – and both people and food have played a huge role in the experience. For Tim and his team at Adventure Travel, some of their strongest travel memories have involved culinary experiences. They’ve drunk gin and tonic in Antarctica with million-year-old chipped ice, biked along dirt tracks in Vietnam to share an organic vegetarian meal with a local family on a farm outside Hoi An, shared a traditional Danish Christmas dinner with Adnestea (roast duck), Grønlangkål (pickled green cabbage) and met with locals in northern Spain to share traditional cider poured from several feet above the ground.

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Go and see Tim and the team to experience a world of food with Adventure Travel.