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Did you know that women are thought to make 80 percent of all travel decisions? Whether they are booking on behalf of their partner or family – or going solo – they’re the ones holding the purse-strings, and calling most of the shots. The last few years have seen the rise of the ‘wander woman’.  Just like Julia Robert’s character in “Eat, Pray Love”, or Reese Witherspoon in ‘Wild’, women are blazing a trail in adventure travel.
Some international statistics even go as far as saying there are more females than males travelling the globe – and the average adventure traveller is no longer a man with a backpack in his early 20s, but a woman in her 30’s and 40s.

Authentic experiences, your most memorable trip yet!
Over the past 20 years, Adventure Travel consultant Yvette Park has travelled solo around many parts of the world, including Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Spain and Cambodia. Yvette loves the independence of making her own decisions and is driven by a desire to get off the beaten track to get the real back story and meet some interesting locals.

Yvette Womens Blog
Yvette explores the riverside town of Kampot and Angkor, Cambodia.

She says Adventure Travel is seeing a surge in women booking trips either on their own, or as a group of friends – which still allow for independence, but with added companionship and security. International travel trends for women show a subtle move away from luxury spas and treatments – and a move towards adventure and ‘real’ experiences. Women are looking to spend less time at the hotel, and more time doing things that are new, unusual and meaningful. They want to see and discover a new country in an authentic light.

For Yvette, the draw-card of solo-travel was going somewhere new to immerse herself in another culture. “When you travel on your own you are much more likely to put yourself out there and meet locals and make friends along the way.”

Travelling with like-minded women
In response to the increase of the ‘wander-woman’, travel companies are offering trips which tap into women’s particular interests – culinary tours, volunteerism, and immersive cultural experiences.

For many women, travel is a journey of self-discovery, or a break from the constraints of work and family. A ‘girl’s getaway’ is perfect for single-women, friends, or women who decide to leave their partner at home and go on a trip alone.
The experienced staff at Adventure Travel can tailor-make a solo trip to nearly anywhere in the world, or book something unique for a group.

Later this year they are also offering a ladies-only tour of India’s Golden Triangle and Mumbai. It will be a special journey from Delhi to Mumbai for ten women, departing in October. Think colour, spice, chaos, spirituality – highlights include dinner at one of the world’s top 50 restaurants, cooking your own Rajasthani meal in Jaipur, celebrating Diwali (the Festival of the Light), and a Bollywood dancing lesson.

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Traditional Indian henna tattoos and block printing workshops on the India: Fabric, Food & Fabulous. A Women's Tour of IndaLEARN MORE


1. Do your homework and talk to women who have been there before you.
2. Carry the business card of wherever you are staying. Hostels and hotels have such generic names that it’s easy to forget and get lost, especially if you’re out drinking.
3. Scan your driver’s license, passport, and insurance details and email them to yourself and a friend or family member. If you lose your passport, it makes getting a new one much easier.
4. Always let someone know where you are going, when you expect to arrive, and where you are staying. When you arrive, confirm those details. If something happens, at least one person will know where you are.
5. Trust your instincts. If someone approaches you and you feel uncomfortable, do not worry about being rude.
6. Smile. When you appear to be friendly, other people will reach out to you to help you.
7. Carry small change in one pocket and larger bills in your bra. Never flash big bills to anyone.
8. If you need to look at your map, avoid doing so on the street. Pop into a store or restaurant
—anywhere but on the corner.
9. After you arrive at your accommodation, check at the front desk to see if they have a map and can point out the areas of town you should avoid – and if there are any scams you should keep an eye out for.

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