Putting the 'Adventure' in travel

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1. Head to Costa Rica, the ‘Adventure Capital of the America’s for some non-stop action. Hike up a volcano near La Fortuna, go canyoning, jump in the hot springs at the base of Arenal Volcano, raft the Pacuare River, explore the jungle by foot, then go for a surf at the end when you get to Puero Viejo de Talamanca in the Caribbean.

2. Put on some snowshoes and explore a winter wonderland by snowshoeing in Albania, Slovakia, Albania, or Italy’s most spectacular mountain range, the Dolomites. Snowshoeing – or trekking with poles and special shoes to stop your feel sinking into deep snow – is less technical than skiing, but still gets the heart racing and is a great way to get out and explore some of the world’s most stunning snowscapes.

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3. Pack a bag and head to Abu Dhbai, capital of the United Arab Emirates, to ride the world’s fastest roller coaster, the Formula Rossa. In fast-paced Abu Dhabi, nothing stands still, its skyline is a heady mix of mosques, megacentres and massive skyscrapers – and the roller coaster is no exception. Formula Rossa at the Ferrari themed park maxes out at an staggering 150 miles per

4. Go for a hot air balloon ride over one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe - and check out the epic African landscape from a basket. The Victoria falls, on the Zambezi River at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, and the world’s only waterfall more than a kilometre long – it is 1708m long 108m high.

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5. Head to Paris but instead of shopping or eating head beneath the bustling European city to experience the subterranean Catacombs, the ancient and final resting place of more than six million people. The 200-mile labyrinth of underground tunnels, known by some as the “Gates Of Hell”, was set up in the 18th century to relieve the city’s overflowing cemeteries.

6. Over the heat wave? Then embrace winter whole-heartedly and plan a Canadian dog sledding adventure this winter. Companies like Snowy Owl offer humane and ethical tours, where four to six huskies whisk you and your friends or faily along snowy pathways across Banff, Canmore or Lake Louse. Go for an exhilierating 2 hour trail run, or be bold and go on a two-day adventure; crossing a frozen lake and bedding down for the night in special tents beside a camp fire.

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7. Bungee jump off Macau Tower (on the south coast of China and across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong) the highest commercial bungee jump in the world and run by our Kiwi friends, A J Hackett. The jump is an eye-watering 233m, and if that’s not enough to scare you – do it at night.

8. Take the Santorini Cable Car – which moves 1200 people an hour from the port to the clifftop town of Fira in Santorini Island in Greece. Only three minutes after settling into your seat, you reach an alititude of 220 metres. The cable car is the only way to get to Fira to admire the stunning white-washed houses and panoramic views unless you want to walk, or take a donkey.

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9. Scared of heights? Then 2018 is the year to challenge yourself - and China has taken things to a whole new level. The country has something of an obsession with vertigo-inducing glass-bottomed walkways but a new see-through 872-feet long bridge has opened at the East Taiheng Glasswalk in Hubei province that actually cracks and makes breaking noises when unsuspecting walkers go across it – a special feature designed to frighten walkers which is actually the sensors triggering sound and visual effects.

10. For adrenalin-junkies heading to the United States why not experience the tourism attraction of the Grand Canyon a different way with a white-knuckle ride of the Grand Canyon Swing? Dubbed the world’s scariest swing, it dangles 1300 feet above the Colorado River, then swings 112 degrees above the horizon at 50mph. Tempted?

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