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Six of the best walking adventures in Europe

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What’s not to love about a hike or long distance walk? It’s an adventure, a chance to experience a new culture and better still, an opportunity to totally immerse yourself in a new country. Europe is home to many of the world’s great walks, and for some of them just one more footstep can take you across a border and into a new land - eat pasta for dinner in Italy at night, and the following morning breakfast on croissants and jam in France. Hiking can take you through knee-high pastures at the foothills of the Alps, through the cobbled lanes of Spain, or past the chiming Church bells of an Italian village. The experts at Adventure Travel have selected six of the best walks in Europe; some of them better known, and some off the beaten track.

Awe-inspiring Peru

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Adventure Travel consultant Sydel Berryman has just stepped off the plane from an awe-inspiring fortnight in Peru; a rich and colourful country in South America that's home to the Amazon rainforest and Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, an ancient city high in the Andes mountains. Travelling with Chimu Adventures, her first few days were spent in vibrant Lima and Cusco, before she embarked on a five-day high-altitude Lares Trek, climbing to a steep mountain pass with an elevation of 4219m. The finale of Sydel’s South American adventure was a three-day cruise on the waterways of the earth’s largest forest, the Amazon.

The Inca Trail: One of the world’s signature trails.

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Adventure Travel Consultant Sam tackles the Inca Trail. Challenging and steep in places the walk rewards you with incredible views and a fasinating history. Read about Sam's experience and her tips for walking the Inca Trail.