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Be brave, serve your guests a Christmas dish inspired by your travel plans.

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Are your friends and family tired of hearing about your adventures, or perhaps your travel wish list? Quit telling them about your foodie experiences and let them taste test for themselves. Be brave and attempt one of these traditional dishes from unique destinations around the globe.

Awe-inspiring Peru

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Adventure Travel consultant Sydel Berryman has just stepped off the plane from an awe-inspiring fortnight in Peru; a rich and colourful country in South America that's home to the Amazon rainforest and Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, an ancient city high in the Andes mountains. Travelling with Chimu Adventures, her first few days were spent in vibrant Lima and Cusco, before she embarked on a five-day high-altitude Lares Trek, climbing to a steep mountain pass with an elevation of 4219m. The finale of Sydel’s South American adventure was a three-day cruise on the waterways of the earth’s largest forest, the Amazon.