At Adventure Travel we’re not just about travel, we’re about creating extraordinary experiences. We believe travel should be about opening doors to new cultures, being inspired by spectacular scenery and liberating experiences that will open your mind to a world of opportunities.  Adventure is about having a remarkable experience every time you travel.


Our team have crossed all 7 continents and have the expert knowledge that is only gained by having been there ourselves. We’re supported by a company that has been in business for 30 years, so you know you’ll be in the best hands no matter the destination. We work closely with some of the most respected travel and tour providers around the world and a network of small locally owned and operated companies to bring you the most authentic experiences. 


We’ll organise everything to ensure your adventure is hassle free - from securing the best flights, accommodation and transport, to arranging local tour guides, insurance and assisting with visas.


Whether you’re looking to explore the dense jungle of South America, experience a safari amongst the thriving wildlife of Africa, witness the Northern Lights with Polar Bears in the Arctic or anything in between. Speak to us today to start planning your next adventure.