Our travel consultants have the in-depth, personal knowledge that's only gained by actually having been there (we've covered all seven continents).  Meet the team and learn about some of their most enjoyable travel destinations below:

  • Tim Cox

    Born & raised in the UK, music was my first love; travel came late but I made up for it by taking off three separate years to explore the world. I spent much of that time in Asia & the Middle East as well as further afield. I’m always keen to see the world from other people’s perspectives so my travels have taken me to places such as North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Cuba & Nicaragua.


    Favourite destination: It depends whether I’m dreaming of food, people, culture or scenery but Cuba, Laos, Burma & Syria are all places I dream of heading back to one day


    Next trip: Our travels these days often involve a trip back to England to see the family so that’s the next one, but we like taking our children to places we’ve loved that we know they’ll enjoy too. They thought Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam were great so next might be Cambodia, Laos or Burma... or perhaps Sri Lanka or Borneo for somewhere completely new

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    E: timc@adventuretravel.co.nz

  • Kathy Twydle

    I’ve loved travelling ever since I worked my way around the world on cruise ships, in my early 20s. I’ve travelled to many countries over the last few years, and love getting off the beaten track a little, to get to experience how the locals do things. I enjoy trying local delicacies too – especially street food! I’m also a big advocate of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, so my travels to Southern Africa and the Arctic have been absolute highlights!

    Favourite destination: My favourite destination has to be Spain. There’s such a variety of scenery, incredible food, and there’s a vibrant culture with welcoming locals. It’s easy to travel around by train, bus or car, with great walking and biking opportunities as well. Plus, who can argue with having a siesta every afternoon!

    Next trip: Mexico is top of my list at the moment. I can’t wait to try ‘proper’ Mexican cuisine, see the ancient Mayan ruins, snorkel in the cenotes, and just amble around the small villages.

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    E: kathyt@adventuretravel.co.nz

  • Yvette Park (nee Pini)

    I love the adventure of travelling to somewhere I haven't been before. Learning about different cultures, meeting amazing people, new taste sensations and breath-taking sights. I love getting lost in new places, you never know what you'll discover. 


    Favourite destination: There are too many to mention. Vietnam, Tibet, Italy, Tanzania to name a few - I love the people, food, culture and of course the wildlife in Tanzania. The icebergs of Argentina and Patagonia were also incredible. 


    Next trip: I’m looking forward to seeing what Taiwan has to offer. There are plenty of opportunities to trek the beautiful lakes and mountain ranges, which I'll need to do so I can eat as much food as I like at the local night markets! And, of course, try Taiwan's famous oolong, black and green teas.  

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    E: ypark@adventuretravel.co.nz

  • Sydel Berryman

    I was very lucky to be raised in a family that was constantly on the move. Having grown up living between the Pacific Islands, Europe and New Zealand, it’s fair to say that I have always had a passion for travel and experiencing new things! When travelling, I love learning and emerging myself in different cultures and seeing how things can differ so much around the world.

    Favourite Destination: The Peruvian Amazon – cruising down the Amazon River visiting local villages, seeing incredible animals and taking in all that the Amazon has to offer was really an experience that I’ll never forget. Kiribati comes pretty close though…

    Next trip: A 3-week safari through South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana in November. Fingers crossed for sightings of the Big 5. After that, I’m hoping to tick India and/or Sri Lanka off my bucket list.

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    E: sydelb@adventuretravel.co.nz

  • Pip Sutton

    I caught the travel bug when I was 18 – a one-year trip to the UK turned into ten years. I was lucky to work in travel in the UK, and saved my pennies for big trips away. Highlights include travelling for a year in Eastern and Southern Africa, and working as a scuba diving instructor in Honduras. After taking a break to raise my two sons, I’m loving being back and working at Adventure Travel.

    Favourite Destination: Africa will always hold a special place for me - it was an amazing adventure with wonderful people and experiences. I especially loved the Okavango Delta – just 3 of us camping out and walking among the wildlife – no crowds there! Fiji is also a favourite – friendly people, easy to get to, and great if you love being on/in/under the water. The Yasawa islands are so relaxing!


    Next Trip: Singapore and Tokyo with my 13 year old son. Looking forward to seeing the changes in Singapore since I was last there, and sampling the Singapore street food again. And discovering Tokyo for the first time – so much to see and do!

    T: 04 494 7182

    E: pips@adventuretravel.co.nz